Kharkhiraa Turgen Trekking tour



The Kharkhiraa Turgen  mountain - region offers a combination of unspoiled trekking possibilities and traditional local nomadic life.. The highlights of this  trek are the paradise of various types flowers surrounding you, the 108 lakes in one  valley, eternal snow capped mountain, Western Mongolian lifestyle. Check, if you are ready to leave the cell phone, business, jobs, all the problems and get to where there is a peacful atmosphere. 

The mountain located in Uvs province, Khovd soum. The highest peak Kharkhiraa reaches 4037 meters, and Deglii Tsagaan mountain’s peak is 3978 meters.  Turgenii and Kharkhiraa Mountains, which compose the Kharkhiraa Valley, are both parts of Turgenii Uul National Park.


Uvs province Ulaangom


Pristine beauty , 108 Lakes, Paradise of flower, eternal snow capped mountan, west Mongolia  life style


Plane, jeep/ minivan, horse, camel


Breakfast 10, Lunch 11, Dinner 11 times


Kempinski hotel 5 одтой зочид буудал, 4 одтой зочид буудал, 3 одтой зочид буудал

Ger camp, Tent. All accomodation is twin shared 


11 days 10 night

Available time

June to October 

Difficulty rating 

Price 2 pax: 2200$     3-5pax: 2000$    6+ pax: 1850$






Day 1: Arrival to Ulaanbaatar. Reaches the hotel with Guide. On city tour - – Sukhbaatar square, Bogd Khan Palace museum and Cultural Performance. Dinner Time. To the hotel for the end of the day.
Day 2: After breakfast in the hotel, on local flight to Ulaangom for 3 hours. Take a look around Ulaangom town and their blackmarket. Lunch in town then visit to herder family near Uureg lake to see herder family lifestyle and will go on horse riding tour. Stay the night near the lake beach.
Day 3: After breakfast, passing through Khotgor coal mine and will see the Olon Nuur valley. Lunch will be served at herder family home. The luggages will be loaded on camel, you will decide to go whether on horse or on foot to the camp base.
Day 4: Early morning, carrying luggage to the higher land. There you will see plants that grow on high altitude. You will be at high altitude camp and prepare for next climb. There can be extra days depending on weather codnition.
Day 5: Climbing continues in the morning to reach the top. Then, walks down to the high altitude camp for lunch. Then packing to camp base for a night stay.
Day 6: Loading the luggages from base camp, heading back to the herder family there you will be served special dish named Khorkhog. After the visit, driving to Goojuuriin Waterfall, stay the night by the waterfall. 
Day 7: After breakfast, driving to Khyargas lake. You will be placed at tourist camp. You can spend the day as swimming in the lake and enjoying the nature.
Day 8:  After breakfast, drive to Ulaangom airport to go on flight to Ulaanbaatar city. Hotel stay in Ulaanbaatar.
Day 9: Breakfast, drive to Chingis Khan Statue. From Nisleg Center, you will fly on light airplane around Grokhi and Terelj area(additional cost). You would do horse riding, visit herder family and then to the camp.
Day 10: Relaxing day then to Ulaanbaatar in the afternoon to the hotel.
Day 11: Shopping on largest black market and State Department Store. Take the evening flight from Ulaanbaatar.




2pax: 2200$ 3-5pax: 2000$ 6+pax: 1850$

Price include :

  • Domestic flight 
  • Twin shared all accomodation
  •  Transportation 
  • Breakfast, dinner, Lunch
  • Mountain guide 
  • Expedition cook 
  • Horse, Camel hire
  • Entrance fee
  • English speaking guide
  • 2 bottle of water per day 

Price excluded:

  • Travel insurance
  • Not indicated meals, drink 
  • Personal equipment 
  • Sleeping bag, pad



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