Exotic nomadic nation Khuvsgul

12 Days



More and more moving away from civilization, you will dive into the unique culture, of extraordinary experiences of communicating with the lake, taiga, cheerful companions, and the beautiful nature. In summer you can admire pristine green nature at every step. Khuwsgul is known also for deep blue lake, rich wildlife, reindeer family and also shamanism the most notable in the world. Darkhad valley is located the northern part of province, the lake Khuvsgul is surrounded by Ulaan Taiga, Sayan Mountain range. The beautiful mountain ranges, stream and rivers and rich mineral resources and wildlife make the place unique in Mongolia. 


Khuvsgul, Tsagaan nuur soum 


Deepest lake, Millionstar hotel, Indigenous reindeer prople, Teepee life


Plane, Jeep/Van, Ship, boat, Horse 


Breakfast 10, Lunch 11, Dinner 11 times 


Hotel Kempinski, Ger camp, Tent / all twin shared/ 


13 day 12 night

Available time 

June to October 


2pax: 2500$     3-5pax:2300$    5-7pax:2000$    8+: more cheap 






Day 1: Arrival day in Ulaanbaatar. It is a day trip around Ulaanbaatar city. Exploration to Sukhbaatar Square, Zaisan Hill, Gandan Monastery, Bogd Khan Palace Museum, National Museum of History, Traditional Cultural Performance Tumen-Ekh ensemble and shopping at State Department Store and Gobi Cashmere Factory Store. Having dinner at traditional restaurant. 
Day 2: From Ulaan Baatar to Khuvsgul province and to reach Murun town. Travel food, drinks needs to be purchased from the local market.
Day 3: From Murun to Ar Bosogiin Canyon, Ulaan-Uul Soum by car about 210km. We will stay over night  in beautiful nature Ar Bosgot Canyon, which is located middle of West Taiga, Ulaan Taiga and Gunii River. Possible to shooting epic landscape photos of night sky, millions of star. 
Day 4: Breakfast, hiking for short distance then move on to Tsagaan Lake. Shooting sunset, milky way and stay the night there in tent. 
Day 5: From Tsagaan Lake to Uvur Bulag, visit reindeer family, get to know lifestyle of Tsaatan, enjoy their unique culture. On the afternoon of Tsagaan Lake, we will take a picture of the Red Taiga from the top of the western taiga to Horidol Saridag mountains.
Day 6: It is a leisure day, photoshooting, to get to know the reindeer people and their lifestyle, buying their handmade items. You would stay the night in reindeer tepee. 
Day 7: In the early  morning, moving to Tsagaan lake.  From the Tsagaan lake to the Khoridol Saridag mountains throughout the day, go to Yellow Lake and north of Khovsgol to the Sayan Mountains. We have a lot of trips, so we have to leave. The Khunkh sum, the northern coast of Khuvsgul, is located on an elevated view of the ocean and the surrounding landscapes.
Day 8: On this day we will reach to Tsetseg lake after breakfast, spend a day there as hike down the mountain, riding horse, and boat trip. Here we can wash our clothes, take a warm shower and charge our camera and other battery’s. After lunch the captain will bring us to our next location. Shoot the sunset of the Sain mountains. After going a shore we have to hike a small distance to our campsite. This campsite is located next to a river delta with vertical mountains on each side. 

Day 9: Travelling from Tsetseg lake to Shar lake and on the northern road to Khuvsgul lake to stay at tourist camp. Khankh village is located at an elevated land where you can see the northern end of Khuvsgul lake and the surrounding landscapes.  

Day 10: The day will be spent in the valley of Sayan high snow-capped mountain. If you like you may climb the Khoridol Saridag mountain or hiking in the area where Mongolia and Russia is bordered. Climbing the mountain will be at additional cost. 

Day 11: Arrive at Khatgal for  enjoying and relaxing day in village. Enjoy the moment on the  motorboat, Sukhbaatar ferry, ride a 4wheel motorbike and do the parasailing, sauna, swimming pool and cultural entertainment. 

Day 12: In the early morning drive  to Murun Airport to fly to Ulaanbaatar on domestic flight. This day is end of the tour. 




Price included:

  • Domestic flight
  • Transportation 
  • All accomodation twin shared 
  • 3 meal a day 
  • English, Japanese speaking guide
  • Expedition cook 
  • Horse, Ship hire 
  • Entrance fee
  • CD /Photos, Video/

Price excluded:

  • Travel insurance 
  • Not indicated meals, drinks 
  • Sleeping bag, pads 
  • Personal items 

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