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Buddhist monastic, cultural, and education center in Mongolia’s Gobi Desert region until its destruction in 1937. Located in the south east of Mongolia, Khamar Monastery is the spiritual, strongest energy center of world. In 1937 the monastery’s lamas were driven from the grounds and the complex completely burned as a result of communist purges. To the north of the monastery, is a series of caves where monks practiced high levels of meditation for 108 continuous days (the number 108 is sacred in Buddhism). Near the caves there are nine stupas built to commemorate Danzan Ravjaa. Water from the spring nearby is said to hold curative properties and many pilgrims visit to drink and pay homage.


Dornogobi province, Khatanbulag 


Buddhist monastery, meditation, energy, sakura, stupa, cave




Breakfast 1, Lunch 2, Dinner 2 times


Local ger camp 


2 day, 1 night

Available time

4 season 

Difficulty rating 


Price  1 pax 500$    2 pax 260$      3 pax 250$    4+ pax 240$       






  Day 1:  In the early morning dirive to Dornogobi province, arrive in afternoon. After dinner having fun, photoshooting. Gobi is the best place to see sunset. 
  Day 2 : After breakfast we arrive Khamar monastery.  You can visit Breast rock, petrified trees and 108 caves, where the monks doing their meditation. We will have lunch at ger camp then drive to Ulaanbaatar. On the way to UB we will have dinner. The tour end about 22 pm. 






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