Crossing western Mongolia

22 Days tour 1500$



Traveling throught the Mongolian wide steppe is to make great impression for you. You will not see any of the sky skyscrapers but you will feel beauty of nature. That will be absolutely magnificent journey.  Check, if you are ready to leave the cell phone, business, jobs, all the problems and get to where there is only you and new culture. We will cross  west of mongolia include Tuv, Bulgan, Uvurkhangai, Arkhangai, Zavkhan, Uvs, Bayan-Ulgii, Khowd, Gobi-Altai, Bayankhongor- 10 province. Sand Dunes, Tsnkher natural  Hot Spa, Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake National Park, Khorgiin Togoo volcano, Chuluut Canyon, Telmen Lake, Goojuur waterfall, Kharkhiraa Turgen mountain, Olon nuuriin khundii, Achit Lake, Altai tavan bogd Base camp, Malchin peak, 1st Border stelle, White river, Khoton Khurgan lake, Great turgen waterfall, traditional folk performance at Tsenkher cave, visit herder family and all that rich itinerary. 


10 province of west of Mongolia


Nomadic lifestyle, Culture, History, Pristine Nature 




Breakfast 21,Lunch 22, Dinner 22 times


Ger camp, Tent


22 day 21night

Available time

May - November 


2 pax: 2680 $  .       3 -4 pax: 1500 $  .






  Day 1: Early morning tour start from Ulaanbaatar. We will drive to Kugnu Tarna national par, Sand Dune, Erdene zuu monastery, Museum, Empire shining monument. Stay overnight in tent Orkhon riverside. 
  Day 2: Tsenkher hot spring has a beautiful nature and we will stop at resort and have a lunch and dinner, also you have opportunity try hot spring and relaxation in spa. 
  Day 3: Drive to Arkhangai province, lunch at Chuluut canyon. Overnight in tent at Therkhiin tsagaan Lake 
  Day 4: Drive Zavkhan, visit local herder family and have lunch. Stay overnight at Telmen riverside.
  Day 5: In the early morning drrive to Uvs province, arrive at Khetsuu Khad, stay ger camp. 
  Day 6: Leisure day at Khyrgas Lake.
  Day 7:  Across the Airag lake and drive to Goojuur waterfall. 
  Day 8: This day we will do trekking tour from Olon Nuur to Kharkhiraa turgen Mountain.
  Day 9: Hiking through the highland, acrophyte, snow-clad peak, glacier.
  Day 10 : On the road we will see Achit lake, arrive at Bayan-Ulgii westernmost province of Mongolia. Stay overnight in tent at Khovd riverside. 
  Day 11: Prepare meal from market and drive to Altai Tavan Bogd national park. Visit Tuvan family /people from southern syberia/ and stay there. 
  Day 12: Altai tavan bogd National park arrive at base camp.
  Day 13: Climb Malchin peak 4021m.
  Day 14: Go back to Tuvan family and stay overnight. 
  Day 15: In the early morning drive Khoton Khurgan, lunch at Tsengel soum. 
  Day 16: Drive to  Ikh baga turgen waterfall, and visit Khazakh's family /Turkic people/.
  Day 17: Arrive at Tolbo lake.
  Day 18: Arrive at Khovd province, prepare for tomorrow. We will see Gurvan tsenkher cave one of the 9 wonder of Mongolia. Stay overnight in Gurvan tsenkher camp. 
  Day 19: Photoshooting day with garb of Zahchin / one of the nationallity of Mongolia/. In the evening we will see traditional folk concert. 
  Day 20: Drive to Gobi-Altai stay overnight in ger camp. 
  Day 21: Camping at beautifull nature in Bayankhingor aimag.
  Day 22: End of the tour and come back to Ulaanbaatar. 





Price included:

  • Transportation
  • Ger camp
  • Tent 2people shared
  • Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner 
  • English speaking guide 
  • Permission of entrance board
  • Horse, Camel 
  • Ticket of concert 
  • National park entrance fee 

Price not included:

  • Travel insurance
  • Not mentioned items, meal
  • Alcoholic beverage 
  • Tips for local guide
  • Private items
  • Unplanned camp or hotel price.

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