Tour to Birthplace of Great Chingis Khan /8 days/



It travels around 900 km from Ulaanbaatar to Tuv and Hentii provinces and back. You would visit the most historical places of Great empire of Chinggis Khan and land of Great Khan's life and struggle. You would enjoy the beauty of nature as you travel to Khar Zurkhnii Khukh lake, Baldan Bereeven monastery, Oglogchiin Castle, Gun Galuutai, Chinggis Statue, Shrine of Energy, Deluun Boldog, Kherlen Hodoo Aral, Avarga Toson and Rashaan Khad nature reserve.



Khentii province


Endless steppe, historical land, horse riding, Herder lifestyle, endangered animals. 


Jeep/ Van, Horse 


Breaffast  10, Lunch  11, Dinner  11 удаа


Hotel Kempinski , Ger camp, Tent /all accomodation twin shared/


13 days 12 nights

Available time 

June to October 


2pax: 2100$    3-5pax: 1800$    5+: 1350$ 






Day 1:  It is a day trip around Ulaanbaatar city. Exploration to Sukhbaatar Square, Zaisan Hill, Gandan Monastery, Bogd Khan Palace Museum, National Museum of History, Traditional Cultural Performance Tumen-Ekh  and shopping at State Department Store and Gobi Cashmere Factory Store. Dinner time in Mongolian traditional restaurant. 
Day 2: Driving 185km on paved road from Ulaanbaatar, 32km of dirt road will reach Khukh Lake. Stay at tourist camp. You will see Zurkh Mountain, Khukh Lake then to  Great Khan Complex.
Day 3: After breakfast, travel to Baldan Bereeven temple (40 km). Visiting temple and taking photos of the religious photographs, you will see Deer Stone in the 15 km to the west of the Temple. The journey will continue another 50 km to Oglogchiin Castle and will stay over night in tent there.
Day 4: Drives to the Emperor King’s birthplace Dadal village. Place named Deluun Boldog in Dadal village, the Great Khan's drinking spring Khajuu Bulag, Borchi statue, the Castle road, the Doloon Boldog in Kherlen valley and to Chinggis Khan's monument. Stays over night in tourist camp.
Day 5: We wil drive from Dadal village to ​​Bayan-Adraga village around noon time. Here is the place to see 198 tomb of the nobleman of the Hunnu period in Duuilag pine forest. There is a chance to meet with scientists and researchers who are doing the exploration. You will see the monument of the Queen’s Palace, and Chinggis and Jamukha battlefield in Khuitenii valley. Visit to a herder family to see nomadic living. /milking a cow, riding horse/
Day 6: Further journey to place named Kherlen Hodoo Aral. The place is located in Delgerkhaan village of Khentii province. In addition, visiting the 750th anniversary Monument for "Mongolian Secret history", please enjoy the Toson lake spa. Stays the night in camp.
Day 7: The day reaches Gun Galuutai camp. The Berkh rocky mountain would have wildlife creatures as wolf, wild goat, marmot and vultures. You will see the natural beauty of Aygan lake, Tsengiin Burd (Pond). The place would have white crane, black crane white tailed eagle. The place has lot of history besides the natural beauty. It is the place of XIII century Undur Dov city ruin. You will see very many ancient burial mount, tomb and deerstone in the area. Stays the night in tourist camp.
Day 8: This day we will  travel back to Ulaanbaatar.




Price include:

  • Transportation 
  • Accomodation /hotel, camp/
  • 3 meals a day 
  • English/Japanese speaking guide 
  • Expedition cook 
  • Horse hire
  • Entrance fee
  • 2bottle of water p/day 
  • Twin shared tent 
  • CD /Video, Photos/

Price exclude:

  • Travel insurance
  • Not indicated meals, Drinks
  • Personal equipment
  • Sleeping bag, pads 

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