The Silk Road Photo Tour

11 days



Mongolia is a stunning place to experience a thousand years old culture, photograph epic desert landscapes in the heart of Gobi desert, experience famous hospitality of local people. The first part of our Mongolian adventure is devoted to the Southern Mongolia, where the most famous Gobi sands lay. This is a land of canyons, deserts, beautiful mountains and ancient culture. We meet and photograph locals, have sessions with camel herders crossing sands. We have private sessions organized just for us with Bactrian camels, and visit most amazing places of Southern Mongolia. We stay in traditional Ger camps and photograph not only landscapes – it’s a great mix of nature&cultural experience.

Besides Gobi we organize a very special event in West Mongolia.

. We will be drive to White Stupa Cayon, Bayanzag "Flaming Cliffs", Khongor Sand Dune.  

Очих газар

Dundgobi, Umnogobi province 


Baga Gazaryn Chuluu, White Stupa, Khongor sand Dunes, Bayanzag "Flaming Cliffs".


Jeep/ Van 


B10, L 11, D 11 times 


Hotel Kempinski , Ger camp, tent /all twin shared/


7 day  6 night 

Available time 

June to October 

Difficulty rating 

Price  2pax:2300$     3-4pax:2100$     5-7pax:1900$     8+pax:1500$ 






  Day 1: Arrival day at the Chinggis Khan International airport. Going to the hotel with the guide. On Ulaanbaatar tour, will take you to the National History Museum, Sukhbaatar Square and Gandan Monastery and Traditional Performance. After traditional dinner, you will have a rest in the hotel.
  Day 2: Driving to Baga Gazariin Rock for photography. Then reaches White Stupa for photo moments. Staying overnight in tourist camp. Night photography is open.
  Day 3: After lunch, driving to Yoliin canyon. Stays at tourist camp. Dungenee canyon and Yoliin canyon for photo opportunity.
  Day 4: Then to Khongoryin sand stay the night in tent. Move the camp to another place for another night stay for photo opportunity
  Day 5: Stay around Khongor sand dune for photoshooting. 
  Day 6: More photo opportunity around Gobi Gurvan Saikhan mountain and stay overnight in beautiful place of choice.
  Day 7: Next day, travels to Hermen Tsav canyon. Staying overnight there in the area.   
  Day 8: Photoshooting day at Khermen tsav canyon.
  Day 9: Drive back to Ulaanbaatar.
  Day 11: Arrive at Chingis Khaan international airport.




Price include :

  • Hotel 
  • Transportation 
  • B, L, D Meal
  • Professional photographer guide 
  • Expedition cook 
  • Camel 
  • Entrance fee 
  • Twin shared tent, ger camp 

Price exclude:

  • Travel insurance 
  • Not indicated meals, drinks
  • Personal equipment 
  • Sleeping bag, pads

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Tour leaders


Genco is a landscape, travel photographer.
He took photograph since 2016.

  • 2017: Peoples – Photo exhibition
  • 2018: Peoples – Photo exhibition


  • Asian best travel photo – 2017


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